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We are all treasure hunters, seeking the best things that life can offer. Often it is said that someone is “a diamond in the rough”, a compliment and acknowledgement of qualities that are much deeper than surface observations reveal. In truth, we are all created with unique beauty, and that discovery often leads us to experience life with a different perspective.

Treasures Revealed

We find a new vantage point when we peal back the surface, so to speak, to reveal what lies within. All great truths and treasures are hidden, buried, and often obscured from the casual glance. We are all treasure hunters in one way or another. The value of the prize we seek depends on our openness to the unexpected, degree of perseverance, and our desire to go beyond the “fools gold” of the superficial. We begin to see with a new appreciation and desire to explore more deeply. Life becomes more fulfilling, gratitude evokes positive connectedness, and generosity discovers the true treasure that we all seek, Love.

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