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The process of self discovery often begins in childhood as a reaction to those around us, our growing abilities and often how our failures or successes are confronted. Our self image is made of opposites: light,dark, shadow, highlight, positive, negative, good and bad. Actually, the list is much more encompassing in the fact that we define ourselves by the very contrasts that seem to dominate our situations and environment. As we mature we begin to see our true reflection in the waters of life and spread our wings. A wonderful sense of freedom emerges that lifts us beyond our limited self concepts, which enables us to find our true selves. Unique, gifted, full of untapped energy and purpose. If we have the courage to persevere, negative forces fade, darkness dissipates in increasing light, to enable us to experience the fulness of our humanity. Self discovery is the seed that brings forth the joy of living, no matter the circumstances or seasons of our lives. The gift of life, after all, was meant to be shared. It is our enduring human legacy, and the purpose for which we were created.

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