The reality of connection

Looking into a clear night sky, away from city lights and busy highways, we glimpse a small corner of our galaxy inviting us to reach beyond the confines of our planet. Stretching back to the earliest recorded history, the stars have called us to contemplate our origins and purpose. Astronomy was the first recorded science.

The stars, moon, planets, and constellations were use to map the passing of time, seasons, and celestial events. Calendars were made with exquisite accuracy, star formations were named and tracked as civilizations studied the meaning of life, as a progression of the changing and repeating vistas. Today, we know from the photographs of Hubble and the like that there is far more diversity and dimension to our galaxy and beyond. Creation, we are discovering is much more diverse than we can imagine, and yet we are part of that same creation. The ancients had a deep sense of connection with the cosmos that we are just rediscovering today. Science is finding fields of energy that connect all of creation. Dark energy, the spaces between, has been found to contain power more potent than anything we can see, and it contains an Intelligence that provides for the creation of an ever expanding universe. As one scientist explained, “we are made of star dust”. We each contain the universe of creation within. Connecting with that Reality, we transform our being into a star that becomes the universe, one with each other and the Creator. It is the inner journey of consciousness that opens our connection to the Universe of Being.

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