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Life, for many of us, seems like a boat cast upon the waters for a journey into the unknown. Some may see it as a river twisting and turning in calm water or unexpected rapids that take our breath away. Others see it as an ocean , with only sky as the horizon, in calm times and mighty storms. All of us have experienced the wonder and hardships that are part of the journey. Many times we are thrown off course by the the winds or current, sometimes we crash unexpectedly and must swim ashore with the wreckage and rebuild to continue on. Through it all, the unseen hand of Infinity guides us to an undiscovered place we can barely imagine. The maps we acquire, the courses we chart, the treasures we find, and the hardships we face along the way, are all part of the discovery of life. Ultimately, through the journey across the waters, we discover who we are, our purpose, and our destination.

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