The life journey of the caterpillar is a remarkable tale of adaptation and transformation. The creature begins life crawling in the dust, eating bitter leaves, clinging with multilegged tenacity to tree bark and branches for safety. It has no idea that someday it will fly with beautiful wings, eat honied nectar, and live a life of freedom.

We too share the ability to transform in many ways. Exploring our potential, adapting to ever changing circumstances, and climbing to new heights of personal growth, help us to achieve our goals. Exploring life at the summit requires a journey of many possibilities. Success is not financial security or the ability to excel in a given field. Success is a genuine sense of peace amid the storms, and the joy that comes from living life with a courage, that defines our shared human struggle to reach our destiny.

I have known adventurers who have climbed Mount Everest or the high peaks of the Himalaya’s, and all agree, that the journey is the heart of their success. The summit is a destination only for a moment in time. No one lives on the peaks. After all, they all must return to the base of the mountain to tell the life changing story of the journey. It changes them, even when they fail to make the summit. The very act of trying, gives a broader sense of accomplishment. They discover new courage, face their fears, and overcome negative attitudes. A new optimism shines through, lighting a pathway that embraces the fullness of life.

No one needs to climb the tallest peaks to experience such a change. Life is full of mountains to climb, rivers of decision to cross, and green valleys of solace, where we bind our wounds and gather our courage to journey on.

We are human butterflies in the making, so to speak. Someday, we will discover our wings and fly with blissful abandon, and tell the tales of our journey to the next generation. What will you tell your children? What will they tell their children?