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Miracles and Mystery

Life is full of diversity, in nature, people, places and cultures.  Our art and writings are a reflection of the universal bonds present in all of creation.  Everything in our world is connected through our senses, and beyond.  Who has not enjoyed the mystery and miracle of spring? Green leaves unfolding on barren winter tress. crocus and tulips emerging with colorful blooms. The songs of birds busy building nest and the scurry of squirrels foraging new vegetation. Warm sun touching our skin, fresh scents and gentle breezes embracing us. Spring is the promise of new life. We emerge from our winter cocoon with renewed hope, a lighter heart, and a spring in our step. The seasons of the year, as the seasons of our lives, are splashes of paint upon canvas, creating the masterpiece of who we are. Are you ready to explore, to discover the mysteries and miracles of life?  Come join us on the journey to more than you ever thought you were and more than you can imagine you truly are.

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